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Just Beautifully Strange

when the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too...

jelliclerose @ livejournal
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'Sunlight through the trees in summer, endless masquerading...'
- Memory, Cats the Musical

Malinda Rozamunde.☆ Daydreamer.☆
I like to write stories. ☆ I am Stoke City FC 'til I die. ☆
Thomas Løvendahl Sørensen is my hero. ☆
Take That own my headphones.☆ Jason Orange is a beautiful soul. ☆
Smash, Green Wing, Red Dwarf, CSI & Veronica Mars own my DVD player. ☆
Just try and keep me away from the theatre, I dare you. ☆
I think you can meet some of the nicest people at stage doors. ☆
Cats the musical has kept magic in my life since 1998. ☆
Jeg elsker Danmark // I love Denmark. ☆

Stoke City's true No.1 wears a No.29